Love in the times of Corona

This is a topic that I was eagerly waiting to write on as I have seen lethally hilarious memes coming up on social media platforms. Without getting diverted, I would like to present before you two examples. Here we go!

A) Ludo love: You know that you did not stand a chance to survive in a particular match as the first token that got out of your yard was going to get captured and exactly at that moment an angel in the name of your opponent saved you, for free. Is it just a co-incidence? Well, it is often said that when you’re smitten by the arrows of Cupid, the sky appears pink and the air looks purple. What’s the point in sparing the Ludo board then? It is as colourful as your imaginations can be, and even more, if you’re in love. In case of chess, the mundane black and white squares hide the colours present in the heart of your wooer, who lets you win keeping in mind the famous line, “haarkar jeetne waale ko Baazigar kehte hai.”(the one who loses intentionally to win in the long run is called an illusionist.) So, if your opponent is giving you these signs, you can happily start biting your nails with as much excitement as your dopamine level allows.

B) Love in a comment fight: Now, this refers to a derisive version of “love at first sight” on Facebook. In these times, none of us are running short of debatable topics and when somebody posts something offensive on his/her social media handle, people start commenting. Not only do they get their dosage of publicity from such posts but also arrange a stage for people to meet virtually. He comments, she fights, both of them smile and there’s nothing other than “likes”(or the “love” react). The trap is ready to merge two souls into one.

I have missed out on many other examples that I shall cover, later on. Thank you!

5 Replies to “Love in the times of Corona”

  1. For some reason it is said “YOUTH, DIVINE TREASURE” and that happens with the two examples that you put to highlight the way to fall in love on social networks now that you cannot leave home. They are very curious and very young forms. So I find your stories very funny. You have written the best and I really like the games. Years ago I lost my youth but I have enjoyed your reading. Very agile and you have done amazingly well.
    Greetings from Chile (South America)

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