A letter to a known stranger

Dear North Pole,

I feel blessed to have had you in my life, to have been a part of your life at one point and to have spent time with you, no matter how small that duration was. I am thankful to you not just for making me feel special when I was not even in the mood of even getting out of my bed but also for being there by my side in my happy moments, to share a part of the treasure that life bestows upon me seldom. I don’t know what effect my presence had on you, as you had chosen repression as a means to communicate with me and this idea seemed legitimate to you for a reason that I haven’t been able to figure out till date, but at times, your smiling face spoke a lot more than what my undying extroversion could afford to express.

I am sorry as I can’t call it a complete love story for we want different things from our lives; not all stories are destined to have a rosy ending. My petals will wither away sooner than your expectations and your thorns will start pricking me after the charm is gone, we both knew. Falling for you was not in my hands and I’m sure you gave your best shot at not trying to nuture the bond that we shared once, yet love made it’s way through our hearts. Maybe, we will end up being a part of something that counts on compromises and these magical experiences will go out of the window but staying in peace is more important than destroying each other in the passion of love. I don’t know whether I would see you again or not; the problems of this world are never meant to be solved. I hope that we get another chance in another life (if it exists) as I want to complete my story with you which is just a wish as of now. Be there for yourself if not anybody else.

Yours lovingly,
South Pole.

P.S.: This is a letter that has been written on request. If you wish to gift customized letters to your loved ones then mail me at (specifying your requirements): roychoudhuryshreya1996@gmail.com

9 Replies to “A letter to a known stranger”

  1. “…..My petals will wither away sooner than your expectations and your thorns will start pricking me after the charm is gone, we both knew….”

    Loved these lines❤️ and beautifully penned, Shreya✍️

    Liked by 2 people

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