A walk in the rain

(Continuation of Tables are turning)

There was a change, a pleasant one; Sharanya did everything according to her routine, but her ways had changed. Gautam brought in that legitimate drag in her otherwise flawless melody of life. Phone conversations could never really satiate their minds; they often ran out of time and phone balance, never did they run out of topics. A meeting was inevitable; seeing each other became important now. Both of them fixed up a rezvendous; the college sports ground was perfect, they thought. Raima agreed to accompany her, and Gautam planned to bring Prakash along with him. Raima often used to talk about Prakash, and from whatever she said, it was quite evident that he had developed feelings for her.

The day blew in; Sharanya kept on hiding her inner excitement with a few words of pessimism, her eagerness to see Gautam in the sports ground was showing up on her face, and some of her classmates had begun sensing something suspicious. Raima was also trying to help Sharanya in searching for Gautam until he appeared in front of them, with Prakash standing next to him. Gautam smiled on sighting upon Sharanya, whose cheeks were flushed enough to be noticed. Raima looked disgruntled and left the place as soon as she saw Prakash, who tried making feeble gestures with his hands at calling her back.

Eventually, Prakash left the spot in search of Raima, leaving Gautam and Sharanya; both of them apparently, did not know what to talk about. Gautam made attempts at breaking this silence of sighs by cracking silly jokes to which Sharanya laughed heartily. This continued for a while, after which Gautam received a phone call from a senior, who asked him to go to his hostel immediately.

“I am sorry. I have to go now, but we’ll meet again in the evening.”, said Gautam, realising that Sharanya wanted him to stay there a little longer. Sharanya waved at him, and they parted ways. The idea of a second meeting seemed pretty exciting to her, but Raima’s absence had been troubling her as well. As soon as she began looking for her, she noticed a big tree under which her room mate was standing: her eyes were looking sad. On noticing each other, she went near Raima; both of them wanted to leave the ground for separate reasons.

On getting back to their accomodation, Raima asked her a few questions, faking interest; she was troubled with her own problems, and that was quite obvious from her way of talking. Both of them were very tired, so they slept for sometime until Sharanya was awakened from her deep sleep by her clamorous ringtone; it was Gautam. She changed her clothes hurriedly, put on a sweater, and left for the second rezvendous.

The sky, which had been blue and clear in the morning was now grey; Sharanya felt few drops of rain pouring on her skin, and each time she heard the rumbling of thunder clouds, she got startled. By the time she reached where Gautam was standing, she was soaked to the skin. Gautam, who was carrying an umbrella, could not save himself from this untimely downpour as well; the holes on his umbrella were to be blamed. Both of them laughed at each other’s condition; Gautam was trying hard to hide his irritation, but Sharanya’s presence made him forget the cause.

They started walking; at times, they stole glances at each other, and whenever they used to get caught, they looked sideways and pretended as if nothing had happened. The redness of their faces became more prominent while indulging in these acts. They sighed frequently, and after having walked some distance, he came closer and held her hand.
“Please, no hanky panky!”
Sharanya’s face grew grim as she tried inching away from Gautam.
“I won’t do anything to dishonour you. I just wanted to hold your hand. I am sorry.” Gautam’s eyes were replete with honesty. Sharanya felt comforted and held his hand tightly; both of them smiled without the hesitation of being caught while looking into each other’s eyes.

They talked, they laughed, they shivered in the mirth of being close to each other, and lastly, they forgot their way back; a rickshaw came to their rescue. It was time for Sharanya to go back, and Gautam safely dropped her off; he stayed until he stopped seeing Sharanya, who often kept looking back at him while walking down to her accomodation. Both of them felt a connection that they had never felt before; it was their ideal story! The non-idealities of this world seemed to be very far and unreal at this point.

This image has been taken from Pinterest.

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