Bold and beautiful,
Serious and sober.
Unmindful of perilous snags,
Why do you wander hither and thither?

Glued to your mouth was a fairytale,
That mused on “Once upon a time”.
Why has “Never” nullified
Thoughts so sublime?

The love that seemed right,
Has taken flight.
And the love that feels right,
Is out of sight.

The twinkling gateways of the heart,
That used to see rainbows in Insanity,
Now read facts stubborn,
Boasting of Practicality.

Caught up

Are you a beautiful story,
Dying in a wasted magazine?
Or a plucky song,
Serene, yet tagged obscene?

Hovering in the chambers of nicotine smoke,
I see weighty dreams still afloat.
Do you smell of flesh and blood,
Or have you metamorphosed into a robot?

Fingers type and the mind crashes,
The pain is relentless.
The CPU goes on exerting itself,
And the task is endless.

If your lips move to the tune of this disharmony,
Let your beauty be left to rot.
If you cannot stand apart,
Stay bridled in your own thought.


The clock struck twelve at night,
The winter being unendurable,
An abiding pause had taken over the place,
Until a droning sound was heard.

The murkiness had been turned off,
By a streak of light emanating from the cellphone.
Her eyes gleamed,
Miles away, a boy looked at her picture with a prepossessing smile.

They talked late into the night,
Certainly, they were foolish,
Topics ranged from transistors to aircrafts,
Little did they know that they were under the mercy of Cupid.

She cooled her heels in a meadow where he kept waiting as well,
The meadow being surreal,
They never met.

Both of them knew the Reality,
Hiding emotions had become a game,
Long conversations had lost their charm,
And short ones left them in torment.

All that glitters is not Gold

There is a peculiar thing about glitters that I have never liked; they used to fall off from my craft work very often, giving me a handful of reasons to feel embarrassed. As for the other students, they used to derive sardonic pleasure out of this sight and the teacher used to go mad at me. Chumki (glitter) is a human version of that decorative item who used to give me a similar kind of feeling, that too in the days of my adulthood. Chumki Dutta has been my landlady for four years and there hasn’t been a single occasion on which she has “glittered”(demonstrated any activity to make her look like a bright individual). Contrarily, I’ve always seen her dealing with murky affairs.

In the initial days of my stay, I used to find her friendly, but that notion of mine perished sooner than my drunken thoughts; all that I could see was a humongous balloon, who, I felt, had a chip on her shoulder for being married to Gautam; this seemed pretty evident from the way she used to chide him every morning. Well, Gautam is that adhesive who claims to hold Chumki in place but this adhesive is too weak and short to cope with the growing demands and tantrums of Mrs Dutta.

I used to pity her children for being born into that family but after observing them from close quarters, I had no option other than blindly believing in Nature’s sense of fairness. Her daughter used to get involved into love triangles at an age when she was supposed to be solving problems on triangles and one could clearly see her son letting out his urine from the narrow slits of the fence guarding their verandah. Surely, his intention was not to calculate the horizontal range of this projectile.

Chumki believed that she looked like a princess in golden ornaments and she had every reason to believe so, for she had a few admirers who made her feel special on occasions like Holi. Don’t ask me about their ways, I’m afraid I might die out of extreme laughter and shame. She seemed to know of everything happening around her; news ranged from lovers getting at each other’s throats on the streets to shady murder cases. I could not help myself from gazing at her with amazement; I’m sure that the other tenants will echo my words.

The day when we were evacuating our rooms, we saw her shedding tears and we cried too but I knew that those tears were coming out for two reasons: one, out of a sense of grief that she would have to find new tenants and the other one, out of a sense of happiness that we were leaving. Sometimes, I really think that the society should produce more of these glitters to bring wry smiles on our faces whenever we are at a dearth of topics to explore. It is true that Chumki left no stone unturned to humiliate her tenants but reminiscences of our days spent at her place will drown us into fits of laughter off and on, I can vouch for this.

May be…

May be I am just another option,
A dress that confuses you among many.
May be I am just another consolation,
A ray of hope which becomes evanescent soon.
May be I am just like the other stars in the sky,
My effort to shine bright goes unnoticed.
May be I am just an open ending,
An end where your whim begins.

The lucky guy

Those were the days of our
premature adulthood when we used
to stay covered with people. Identity
crisis was slowly giving way to a
resplendent personality to grow and
stay with us for the rest of our lives.
Of all the faces that I came across
during those days, one stayed with
me. It is one of a kind, a face that
one cannot usually forget. I met him
accidentally at a gathering, on a
spring afternoon. His sharp eyes
narrated a million stories and I
reflected, seriousness can be
addictive too. He smiled at me and I
stood there, speechless. That day
witnessed an undying feeling. This
wasn’t as red as love, nor was it as
white as pure friendship. It was
something else, a deeper shade of

That meeting turned out to
be shorter than my
expectations as I had to
leave for another place but
our friendship started off
immediately after this. We
never saw each other very
frequently but whenever we
did, he used to greet me
with his unusually usual
smile. Whenever his lips
went on a smiling spree, his
eyes participated in that as
well. Yes, in this world of
cliched red roses, he is my

As years rolled by, he kept on
giving me innumerable
moments to treasure and
cherish. His all-permeating
voice reaching out to me,
defying the bounds of the
lush green fields, still
reverberates in my ears; that
“Shreya” still echoes.
It’s been years and still it feels
like the dream isn’t over yet.
My silence and the dust of
distance has made this tale
yellowish but the pages of my
heart are still as fresh as the
day when I first saw him.

And what about that last dance
at Shanti paara, in front of the
crowd, that we had planned? Like
my dream it is alive too.
I know that someday you’ll get
all the success that you have
ever wished for. That day you’ll
be driving on a lonely road and
you’ll be stopped by a familiar
face. A hand that wanted to reach out to you, long back, will stretch out to you, yet again, disregarding the pause of the years. The strife in your mind will subside and you’ll find yourself rejoicing amidst umpteen bubbles, each of them would rejuvenate your senses before bursting into nothing. The smile on your face will shine brighter than the rainbows of these objects of delusion. There will just be the three of us: you, Ecstasy and I!

The third diary

Alas! The four-year journey was drawing to a turbulently calm end. Some were busy piling up clothes inside their suitcases while most of the others were unburdening their hearts by shedding away droplets of nostalgia.

Every morning, the sun lighting up the East sky reminded the students of the limited number of days they have in their hands. The hostel rooms which once used to be covered with dirt and spider webs, were now shrouded in cobwebs of memories.

She took out a diary from her cupboard and started flipping the pages until she found a blank one. She smiled as she knew that only one person was left to fill up her farewell diary, that special one.

Next day, after the Farewell party, she saw that “special person” on the ground. Without giving a second thought, she started walking straight until he noticed her. Both of them smiled coyly at each other.

“Fill this up. May be this is our last…”
He took away the diary from her hand and looked into her eyes.

“Pages may get washed away, good memories won’t.”
A fervent silence pervaded in the ground.
She longed to say “I love you, I do” but all that her quivering lips could afford was “Adieu”.

Finally, that day arrived when the campus witnessed a large number of its residents moving out, yet again.

She kept walking with the crowd,  with a huge trunk in her hand and two diaries filled with “sands of time”.

What about the third diary?

Well, that too was in its right place, where it should have been long ago.

If I were you…

If I were you,
Will the Chessboard turn into a Rubix Cube?
The lanes running down to misery,
Be again filled with mystery?

If I were you,
Will peace descend upon the drops of dew?
The eyes that sought immaculacy,
Maintain their brand of chastity?

If I were you,
Will words and emotions play peek-a-boo?
Passion breaking into silence,
Argue with insolence?

If I were you,
Will you look at me, the way I do?
After concurring with the Rose’s aroma,
Shall I make you my Inamorata?


It is often said that good stories and poems can lift up your mood in no time. As for me, I am just an ordinary human with a colourful vision. We all have our own shades through which we look at this world. Here, I would be presenting some of my pieces; join them and you’ll exactly know how my shades look like! You’ll find an arcade of emotions wrapped up in a surreal blanket of my imaginations, every tale will tell you a different story.

So, if you’re bored with your daily chores, stuck up somewhere, entrapped in a myriad of complications or you feel lonely even with a cup of coffee and music on a moonlit night, my compositions will be your companion. You might not be able to connect with all of it, but some of the pieces are sure to cut through your mind. Keep reading, persist in relating!