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It is often said that good stories and poems can lift up your mood in no time. As for me, I am just an ordinary human with a colourful vision. We all have our own shades through which we look at this world. Here, I would be presenting some of my pieces; join them and you’ll exactly know how my shades look like! You’ll find an arcade of emotions wrapped up in a surreal blanket of my imaginations, every tale will tell you a different story.

So, if you’re bored with your daily chores, stuck up somewhere, entrapped in a myriad of complications or you feel lonely even with a cup of coffee and music on a moonlit night, my compositions will be your companion. You might not be able to connect with all of it, but some of the pieces are sure to cut through your mind. Keep reading, persist in relating!


The art and the artist

My heart is dangling from your chain;
It hurts to see you shine!
Your smiling face is a garden,
Ornamented with ruby-red flowers
That suck on my blood
To keep you resplendent.
I am alive inside you,
Yet my presence is withering away,
Every minute, every second.

The sunshine in your eyes
That once made my soul blossom
With ecstasy and bliss,
Blinds me now!
Stories of torment run down my veins;
Noone to even steal a glance!
My hues grow deeper on you
With every passing moment;
Mortality keeps on blanching me
Every minute, every second.

P.S.: inspired by this amazing artwork by Henn Kim.

Who are you? (3)

The eyes seek comfort
In colours that are rare:
In the greenery of what is red,
In the life of what is dead.
The symmetry in perfection
Is but a fable we wish to believe;
Unevenness, though real,
Speaks no more: brutally silenced.

Breaking the base of thoughts ingrained,
Spreading the roots of unconventional choices
Fixating on hideous truths,
Detaching from enticing lies,
Is a practice not known by many.
Different paths do not assure success.
But if it is all the same,
Who are you?

Another world

Once in a while she drowns
In oceans of aberrations.
Possibilities glimmer on the other side,
Beauty shakes up her rusty mind.
The stares of unknown eyes linger
Beyond the bars of reality,
Butterflies in another land flutter,
Defying bondage of thoughts.

Streams of tears rolling down;
They notice, as if in their sleep.
The stony world dwells in fear-stricken eyes.
Rivers basking in sunshine
Take her into a land of mystery!
Nobody to hurt, nobody to please;
Wishes keep painting on a dreamy canvas.
A relief from plastic, an escape from concrete;
The hands of both worlds never meet!

Amazing artwork by Clara Goswami


Beyond the capacity of eyes,
Pervading the gaps of time,
We move away from drudgery.
In faraway lands: freedom bountiful,
We flow as if division never breathed!
Blessed reflections of a million stars
Shine upon us like puny angels
Trapped in the love of Forever.
May this confluence defy Never!

We stay bonded in an ageless world,
They try to tear us apart
With their barbaric demeanour.
We resist shocks until we die,
Only to live in loops of eternity:
A reality that common eyes cannot surmise.
Trapped in the love of Forever,
We live on and on till there is no time.
May this confluence defy Never!

Artist: Vedprakash Mishra


On wintry nights I feel a sudden urge
To look at the starry sky;
Think about wishes that got buried
Under heaps of untold lies;
Let every emotion out in the cold
Yet hide it all with a wry smile.
We are separated by oceans of love,
United by memories on a lonesome night.

We are real and it hurts
To believe in the truth.
I am broken and so are you;
Oh I wish! We fitted into each other
Just the way others do.
The completion that I seek
Stagnates your colourful mind.
I have learnt to live in the words of distance.
Don’t turn back to find your heart sinking,
Sinking deep in a sea of repentance.


My eyes soaked in insomnia
Show me an untouched palette.
Never did I bother to know
This monochromatic existence,
Replete with fables of stoical forbearance
Of reality,
Was my only respite
From the treachery of this multihued world!
How can I complain?
Can happiness fight with its reason,
Time and again?

The colours that I see,
Paint a picture no better than yours;
There, I see you broken,
In bits and pieces, on fire burnt pages,
But I still tremble with love
When I hear your voice in silence.
How can I complain?
Can sobriety fall for inebriety,
Time and again?


I thrive in unknown places,
Blinded by glaring lights,
Deafened by the clangor of regularity.
Painting your smiles in darkness,
Gives me a ruinous relief.
I burn in your absence
Secretly yet knowingly,
Tearing our old pages a thousand times,
Only to imagine us in your presence!
We are a fragmented story,
Finding our broken pieces shatters my mediocrity,
There lies my sadistic creativity.
The fog that clears my misty mind,
A dangling, mysterious question
Whose answer I will never find.
Acceptance is never a choice,
“The only place.”, reminds my inner voice.
That is why I keep walking,
Adding to the filth on mucky roads,
Hoping for a new hope,
Searching for an alternate reality,
Where we can safely elope.


Nostalgia spun with threads of void
Often reminds me of the dark:
The one that I abhor, with passion galore.
The eyes are tired of premonitions
Dictated by the treacherous mind.
Living every moment involves
Seeing hopes crash a little more,
Dying smiles burn a little more.

Wires hanging in utmost negligence,
In the streets reeking of cheap rum,
Remind me of days wasted in doubt.
Making a leap of faith is not easy
For those fearing aim.
The real fear strikes;
‘What I could be’ fades a little more
In the dominance of ‘What I am’.


Every time I see trash in you,
A veil of innocence falls off;
A drop of patience dries out.
My masks are numerable, I fear;
Your sophistry expands into infinity.
The part that knows me,
Resists what I am becoming.
Newness shines in the light of fake glory;
Somewhere, a murderer establishes his own victory.

Your falseness scares me often;
Hideous truths that make you up,
Give me a sense of assurance.
I am wearing out,
You change forms uncountably;
This battle seems futile.
Every time I see trash in you,
A veil of faith falls off.
Well, I am just a ‘nobody’!

First poetry book

I am thrilled to announce the publication of my first book, a collection of a few of my poems.
I am really at a loss for words as I cannot get hold of any magical line that anybody hasn’t mentioned ever.
We are on a mission, some know it well and the others are in search of it. All that we can do is pick up a few moments to be happy for what we are, for the greatness that we have been endowed with. Therefore, I write and would happily continue doing so. 

My book titled ‘Obscured Verses’ is now available on Amazon and Flipkart! Do check the link below:

Cover page