It is not the first time I am doing this; revisiting memories has always cheered me up since I was a teenager. Places of the past mingled with the mist of my future took me to a world where my present stood in front of me in a different light.

Leaning against the parapet of my terrace, I watched the stars intently as my eyelids fluttered, my senses were slowly giving in to the intoxication of open air.

I had traversed many a city on foot and many others in my mind. There were days when the clouds mimicked my motion, trying to share my tension on dreary mornings and evenings lit up by traffic lights, taking away the boredom surrounding me. I couldn’t see many flowers blossoming, and this used to irk me always. Not many people could bother me except for a few whose orders I could not refuse; they were the only source of distraction in my world, but I never ran out of entertainment because of them. Streams of sorrow, blinding my eyes, often got mixed with raindrops or left stains on my pretty kerchiefs; an hour of star gazing healed me back into the bright sunny person that I always had been. Wherever I have been, one hope has never left my side: I will be happy. For this, I am what I am.


Once upon a time in a city,
I found a man, troubled and lonely.
I offered him some money with utmost kindness,
He served me repudiation with grains of sweetness.
He looked less than gold and diamonds,
His words disconnected him from vagabonds.
We walked a long way,
Talked even more;
The crimson Sky shouted out to the setting Sun,
“Encore! Encore! Encore!”

We talked about our lives,
Of dreams under construction,
And also about those,
Eaten up by destruction.
We criticized the angels and appreciated the demons,
Our eyes met often breaching all reasons.

Deep into the woods we walked,
And played games until we found ourselves locked!
The flimsy cage questioned my courage,
I broke it open with flaring rage.
Freed from the hutch,
I stretched my hand towards my partner in distress,
Anguish covered my eyes as I saw no face.

Once upon a time in a city,
I found myself, happy yet lonely.
Nightly images came out in a dusky evening,
Letting out my desires and inner feeling.
I walked for long and talked no more,
For I was in love with my presence,
And the mind that I bore.