The last page

The last page desires my attention
Much more than the first one;
It wishes to mark the end of a story
And unwind in the full stop’s glory.
The tale pours in;
Reminiscence retards,
Dexterity drives.

In distant lands, two souls reside;
Hidden strings of her mind cascade melody
Into the pores of his unvaried life.
The sky connects them disregarding their boundaries,
A “star-way” builds up to convey untold messages.
She makes rings of smoke with her breath,
His glasses become hazy and a regretful smile unfurls.

Words quivered more than fingers;
The tale ended;
Not a single page remained untouched.
Dexterity faded,
Reminiscence lingered.

Another love story

The paths we chose for growing apart,
Tarred us beyond cure.
What I feel is a reflection
Of what disapproval ever meant to me;
What I want is an acceptance,
A truth that you refuse to see.

Look around!
You’ll see hues of known emotions
That my heart fails to hold.
Look beyond!
I’ll show you an image
Of a love where we never grow old.

The artist behind this magnificent art: Subham Paul

Take me…

Take me to the place where there are mountains, whose peaks will bow down in front of my love for you; take me to a beach, where the sandy shore craves to hear the sound of waves just the way I do, to feel your touch; take me to a desert where the madness of thirst succumbs to the fear of not being able to find you in this world of nothing, yet everything; take me to a place, where I will recognize myself while looking at you, only you.


The doleful night begs for a calm closure,
Sleepless eyes hanker for darkness;
Nostalgia screams out in agony,
To get rid of it’s existence.
I wonder,
How strong is my Persistence?

Whenever I look back,
I see your eyes stealing the smile
Of your lips locked up by Denial.
Seconds spin yarns in seconds
To give rise to a number of years;
You stand behind me,
Ageless, flawless and speechless.

You dwell in the intricacies of my silence;
Words flow out of my eyes as droplets of Reminescence.
Trials of forgetting you have
Etched your presence deeply on my mind.
Far away from the ‘Fading Green’,
We will see each other in the woods,
Once again.
And there, you will be mine.

If I were you…

If I were you,
Will the Chessboard turn into a Rubix Cube?
The lanes running down to misery,
Be again filled with mystery?

If I were you,
Will peace descend upon the drops of dew?
The eyes that sought immaculacy,
Maintain their brand of chastity?

If I were you,
Will words and emotions play peek-a-boo?
Passion breaking into silence,
Argue with insolence?

If I were you,
Will you look at me, the way I do?
After concurring with the Rose’s aroma,
Shall I make you my Inamorata?