A beautiful lie

The red on the floor,
Attracting notice of folks unknown,
Hides a gory fable of pain.
Flowers dipped in their own blood
Rest on a dusty path,
Dismembered from their nub.
What meets the eye
Is a beautiful lie.

Old petals fly with time,
New ones augment to the unseen woe;
Loneliness deepens.
Some take a while to appreciate,
Others pass an unbothered smile;
The story is about that we cannot see.
What meets the eye,
Is a beautiful lie.

Last words

After a long time, when this night of commotion subsides, I’ll see you, I promise, in a crowded street where others would get lost in the hustle and you in my eyes; I’ll take you far away from commonality and yet be that common person whom you adore; we will see beauty again, appreciate it as well, together, to get drowned in an ocean of peace, leaving behind the cravings of our exhausted casings…


You dwell in my commas like an unfinished sentence, trying hard to reach closure only to die each time I put a full stop. I can’t wait to use a semicolon to bring you back to life; don’t fade away like those three dots in times of strife…


I like the dark. It makes me feel like myself; I do not see those lights drowning my existence in their facade of brightness, covering up all that is raw with their forced intensity. With closed eyes, I can choose to fabricate luminescence and that is exactly how I explore the depths of darkness.


The night passes like nimble waves in the beaches, trying to reach the shore, where the positivity of a new day penetrates it’s darkness. The night dresses up like a bride with all it’s stars and moon each day, and yet feeds on our fears. We associate brightness with morning and that is the reason behind us adoring the day, but if we can befriend darkness, then the beauty of the night will seem unmatched.  


Hey, can you see?
The flowers of my presence,
Confide in your evening.
I try to stand strong,
Why do you shake me up?
Why do you make me sink?
Why do I die broke in your penury?

Hey, look up!
Will you please?
I see strangers,
People like you and me;
We stand quite,
They hit us like nobody.

Hey, don’t you worry!
By mistake,
I won’t tell you to anybody.
A battle you are,
Never to be fought.
I am lost in myself,
Liberated in your thought.


Flashes of light
Drowning unknown faces;
You cannot see yourself,
How can you see anyone else?
You’re lost
But you don’t know in whose world.

You don’t even know
Whether these flashes of light
That you’re holding on to
Will die out
Or just
Enbalm you for a moment.

A frizzy moment;
Scratching your nerves,
Ticking on your mind,
Preying on your soul,
Fading out in a moment.