Hiding under a blanket of smoke,
I see darkness embellished with fires
Of those who are hailed as
Monarchs of light at night.
Living corpses walk with clouds
Of tales fading into the sky;
Barely do we notice what trickles down
The corner of their eyes.
Flowers bloom on the graves of unknown folks,
The gray haunts as I walk past them,
Longing not to meet these roads
Again; they follow me.
Carved on the barks of humongous trees,
My fingers perceive grooves of promises,
Names of star-crossed lovers.
I wish them luck and pray for their bond,
Long live their camaraderie,
If not in this world,
In another one, way beyond.

A letter to a known stranger

Dear North Pole,

I feel blessed to have had you in my life, to have been a part of your life at one point and to have spent time with you, no matter how small that duration was. I am thankful to you not just for making me feel special when I was not even in the mood of even getting out of my bed but also for being there by my side in my happy moments, to share a part of the treasure that life bestows upon me seldom. I don’t know what effect my presence had on you, as you had chosen repression as a means to communicate with me and this idea seemed legitimate to you for a reason that I haven’t been able to figure out till date, but at times, your smiling face spoke a lot more than what my undying extroversion could afford to express.

I am sorry as I can’t call it a complete love story for we want different things from our lives; not all stories are destined to have a rosy ending. My petals will wither away sooner than your expectations and your thorns will start pricking me after the charm is gone, we both knew. Falling for you was not in my hands and I’m sure you gave your best shot at not trying to nuture the bond that we shared once, yet love made it’s way through our hearts. Maybe, we will end up being a part of something that counts on compromises and these magical experiences will go out of the window but staying in peace is more important than destroying each other in the passion of love. I don’t know whether I would see you again or not; the problems of this world are never meant to be solved. I hope that we get another chance in another life (if it exists) as I want to complete my story with you which is just a wish as of now. Be there for yourself if not anybody else.

Yours lovingly,
South Pole.

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Love in the times of Corona

This is a topic that I was eagerly waiting to write on as I have seen lethally hilarious memes coming up on social media platforms. Without getting diverted, I would like to present before you two examples. Here we go!

A) Ludo love: You know that you did not stand a chance to survive in a particular match as the first token that got out of your yard was going to get captured and exactly at that moment an angel in the name of your opponent saved you, for free. Is it just a co-incidence? Well, it is often said that when you’re smitten by the arrows of Cupid, the sky appears pink and the air looks purple. What’s the point in sparing the Ludo board then? It is as colourful as your imaginations can be, and even more, if you’re in love. In case of chess, the mundane black and white squares hide the colours present in the heart of your wooer, who lets you win keeping in mind the famous line, “haarkar jeetne waale ko Baazigar kehte hai.”(the one who loses intentionally to win in the long run is called an illusionist.) So, if your opponent is giving you these signs, you can happily start biting your nails with as much excitement as your dopamine level allows.

B) Love in a comment fight: Now, this refers to a derisive version of “love at first sight” on Facebook. In these times, none of us are running short of debatable topics and when somebody posts something offensive on his/her social media handle, people start commenting. Not only do they get their dosage of publicity from such posts but also arrange a stage for people to meet virtually. He comments, she fights, both of them smile and there’s nothing other than “likes”(or the “love” react). The trap is ready to merge two souls into one.

I have missed out on many other examples that I shall cover, later on. Thank you!

Last words

After a long time, when this night of commotion subsides, I’ll see you, I promise, in a crowded street where others would get lost in the hustle and you in my eyes; I’ll take you far away from commonality and yet be that common person whom you adore; we will see beauty again, appreciate it as well, together, to get drowned in an ocean of peace, leaving behind the cravings of our exhausted casings…

Take me…

Take me to the place where there are mountains, whose peaks will bow down in front of my love for you; take me to a beach, where the sandy shore craves to hear the sound of waves just the way I do, to feel your touch; take me to a desert where the madness of thirst succumbs to the fear of not being able to find you in this world of nothing, yet everything; take me to a place, where I will recognize myself while looking at you, only you.


You dwell in my commas like an unfinished sentence, trying hard to reach closure only to die each time I put a full stop. I can’t wait to use a semicolon to bring you back to life; don’t fade away like those three dots in times of strife…


I like the dark. It makes me feel like myself; I do not see those lights drowning my existence in their facade of brightness, covering up all that is raw with their forced intensity. With closed eyes, I can choose to fabricate luminescence and that is exactly how I explore the depths of darkness.


The night passes like nimble waves in the beaches, trying to reach the shore, where the positivity of a new day penetrates it’s darkness. The night dresses up like a bride with all it’s stars and moon each day, and yet feeds on our fears. We associate brightness with morning and that is the reason behind us adoring the day, but if we can befriend darkness, then the beauty of the night will seem unmatched.  


Days were passing on the whim of upcoming days; sunrises had been befriended under compulsion and sunsets missed Sharanya as much as she craved to see them, she thought sitting on her chair, inside her cubicle. Working hours strictly depended on the work load which never used to go down, by any means, for which leaving office was not possible before nine at night. By the time Sharanya reached her nest, the busy streets of Madhapur would begin to drown themselves in a mysterious cacophony of a very few vehicles that used to be seen only at night along with some cars. Trails of dust laden smoke, jostling through the humdrum of city life often stopped by the hazy thoroughfares of Sharanya’s mind, painting them crimson before curling up and fading into the unknown.

Walking under the starry sky with memories urging an innocent smile to slip away from the curves of her lips was never Sharanya’s cup of tea, for she had never reflected over a known stranger so deeply. All this was happening for real and the reason was Shekhar. Sounds of laughter lost in the lanes going down to Teesta Spur(Jalpaiguri) blended well into the untold melodies of her mind, making her look at the stars with hopeful eyes. Even their stupid fights over nothing seemed to make her go red, not knowing that she was deviating from the right choices of her life; Shekhar was never meant to be a part of her future but now, when it came to choosing between the right and the wrong, his face shone brighter than usual.

“There would have been many problems had you been my girlfriend.”, Shekhar had murmured this once in Sharanya’s presence, teasingly, and now, these words reverberated often in her mind, leading her to wash away the black and white stains of reality and swim through a pool of grey to enter into a colourful arena where roses were cliched and fuchsias were adored(she loved fuchsias more than roses); Shekhar was a part of this world now.

This walk, taking her through a rollercoaster of hidden emotions, lasted for not more than ten minutes and yet it had become the best part of her escape from mediocrity. Just before getting inside she used to look back everyday, in the hope of seeing Shekhar, wearing his half rim glasses, flaunting his maroon shirt, looking at her in the same way as he used to, defying the barricades of time.


It was around eight in the evening, one could accurately predict just by looking at the menacing state of traffic jam near Banjara Hills. A long wait for getting an auto had driven Sharanya into such a devastating zone of irritation that almost three kilometres of walking seemed legitimate to her, but her luck was compassionate enough not to let her return empty handed. An auto-journey that usually takes less than a quarter of an hour, took more than fifty minutes and nobody was to be blamed other than the packed roads. She walked down to her nest, like every other day; this was a very enjoyable part of her day. Office hours used to get extended often, her colleagues used to keep on brooding over the rules and regulations of the office, even she did not like working for such long hours, but she was ready to let go of every symbol of mundanity, just for one pocket of sunshine, her evening walk. Flashes of light: red, blue, green, yellow, or maybe a mixture of them all, overloaded with jerky movements of liveliness used to settle on her face, bringing out that smile, the one that she coveted at the end of each day.

She had this habit of eating food as soon as she returned from work following which came another favourite part of her daily routine: going to Shalini’s room. Shalini was a young lady of twenty six, who looked too serious to bear a deceptive appearance. Sharanya had gladly welcomed her peaceful nature and both of them used to get along very well.

“Shalini di?”, knocked Sharanya.
“Come in.”

None of them would run out of topics and even if they did, their phones would come in between and solve the problem. Hilarious as it sounds, they used to keep scrolling photos in each other’s galleries and on that day, the same thing was happening until Shalini sighted upon a particular picture.

“Who’s this guy with you?”
“A friend, college friend.”, stammered Sharanya.
“Okay! I thought he’s your boyfriend, you guys look so cute together!”

Sharanya laughed the matter away but something had been eating her up from within. There were many questions playing on her mind.

November it was, back in 2014. In the early days of this month, the scorching rays of sun almost fight a battle against the chills of winter, knowing that failure is guaranteed, and it becomes difficult to put on a sweater in the day or switch on the the fan at night. However, in Jalpaiguri, with the onset of November, the atmosphere turns greyish, and chilly winds keep blowing off and on. Sharanya, who hated even the sunny winters of Kolkata, had found one more reason to hate Jalpaiguri. It had only been a few months that she had moved to this town for pursuing her career; Jalpaiguri Government Engineering College, also called “Jolu” by the students, was where she was studying. Sharanya had to make peace with almost every new thing that came her way including friendly interactions with seniors, which rarely transformed into heated arguments at the end(the case was different with most of the boys). Her ship was sailing well until one fine day, when something strange happened.

The teacher had called it a day and Sharanya had just left her classroom when something caught her attention. Next to her classroom was another one which was filled with boys, all of them were impatiently waiting for their teacher to arrive as was evident from loud noises emanating from that room. Amidst that chaos, she sighted upon a heart-shaped face, which she had not seen before. He wore half-rim glasses and there was an addictive seriousness on his face that was pulling her attention towards him. This stealthy staring game continued until she noticed a friend named Ishan coming out of that classroom, who had also noticed her. Sharanya had a weird habit of walking speedily, so much so that her footsteps could be heard distinctly, when someone used to catch her while doing something fishy. With books in her hand, she hurried down the stairs and poor Ishan thought that she was ignoring him as he watched her walk away.

Sharanya liked what she saw, the feeling was too innocent to be described in terms of love or lust, and yet it was beautiful and serene. After that day, she rarely used to go back to her accommodation with Raima(her room mate). She had found her pocket of sunshine, next to her classroom. There used to be days when she had to sight upon an empty classroom, but that did not weigh down heavily upon her; she was accustomed to living in her own dark space which used to get lighted up sporadically by his presence, and that was enough for her, she thought. On one such day, some senior students got hold of her.

“Hey you! First year, right?”

Her dress code spoke much more than what her mouth could ever dare to. They asked her a few questions and she answered each of them with utmost humility, more so because she was scared of them. They let her go as she seemed to look unwell( she had been acting like that to escape from their clutches).

This kept on happening for about a month after which it came to an end, not the liking that she had for him, but the wait. The exact reason behind this abrupt ending had become prey to forgetfulness and the pressure of semester examination. Strangely, a few months later, she met him at Jalpaiguri Road Station on a spring afternoon, where she found him sitting on a bench and fidgeting with his phone. On interaction, she came to know that his name was Shekhar and that he was from the Mechanical Department, which used to be referred to as the most notorious department in the entire college. She just could not help but look at him with all her sanity which was an act of insanity in itself, and his unusually usual smile was responsible for this.

“What’s the passcode of your phone?”, enquired Shalini.

Sharanya typed in some numbers and quietly moved close to the window. Shalini, realizing that she had been absent-minded all this while, decided not to bother her.

Was this feeling normal? Looking outside the window, she stared with an unblinking vision, at glaring multitudes of nothing!

Just then, Shalini handed over the vibrating phone to her. As she looked at the screen, a very familiar name caused one of her eyebrows to twitch.