I cannot see that hand;
The one that held mine loosely,
Leaving me perplexed.
Observations fall prey to a bizarre delusion,
Truth acts like yesterday’s hallucination.

Wrapped in the robes of action,
Your eyes narrate concoctions of passion.
Words entwine subtle gestures,
Obscuring reality from deception.

Disappearing smiles besiege me ad nauseum,
Memories prefer to stay locked up in the Museum.
Ruminations guide me into a land not known;
Dead ends break into labyrinths of life,
To honour the quest of my toes.

I keep on lighting extinguished candles,
Burning my fingers in the fire of woes.
A cicatrix shows up on your fist,
The real gashes are elsewhere,
Hidden behind the masquerade of ‘nowhere’.
See through it, see through it!

The Room

In a Room full of unuttered words,
Monotony creeps in through the window.
Dying notes compose an unfamiliar melancholy,
And the birds begin to crescendo.

Bonfires of wishes glow in the black,
We often get tricked by some qualities that they lack.
The Room is proud of his years,
For it is not easy to hide stories and the stains of tears.

The dusty experience of the paintings,
Portray incidents that often tarnish the Room.
Never do we see him,
Lost in the shadows of gloom.

A framework so strong,
Nobody dares to tamper with his core.
Years pass and decades roll,
He still welcomes his folks with an opened door.


Once upon a time in a city,
I found a man, troubled and lonely.
I offered him some money with utmost kindness,
He served me repudiation with grains of sweetness.
He looked less than gold and diamonds,
His words disconnected him from vagabonds.
We walked a long way,
Talked even more;
The crimson Sky shouted out to the setting Sun,
“Encore! Encore! Encore!”

We talked about our lives,
Of dreams under construction,
And also about those,
Eaten up by destruction.
We criticized the angels and appreciated the demons,
Our eyes met often breaching all reasons.

Deep into the woods we walked,
And played games until we found ourselves locked!
The flimsy cage questioned my courage,
I broke it open with flaring rage.
Freed from the hutch,
I stretched my hand towards my partner in distress,
Anguish covered my eyes as I saw no face.

Once upon a time in a city,
I found myself, happy yet lonely.
Nightly images came out in a dusky evening,
Letting out my desires and inner feeling.
I walked for long and talked no more,
For I was in love with my presence,
And the mind that I bore.


Breaking the geniality of the Azure,
She strides in majestically.
Rickety trees mourn in silence,
Over the cadaver of their beloved comrades.
Her presence is felt through shivers,
A cold heart is all that she bears.
The dermis of health is cracked open,
Leaving scars beyond cure.

Obscured in the cruelty of her disposition,
Lie verities indubitable.
She smells of a strange lonliness,
That shatters the insincerity of rosy images.
An isolation so grave,
Preaches sermons of running in pain.
She begins to end in a realization svelte,
Oh Winter! Your warmth will never be felt.

The dream boy

Far away in the meads,
A young woman sits with zeal in her cheeks.
The fire in her eyes was a trifle,
For those lost in a mental scuffle.

Many an hour she gave away,
In counting heads.
Many came, many left,
None of them evinced deft.

Light struggled hard,
Through the intricacies of her mantilla,
Before melting into darkness.
Sparks of the night again witnessed tears of moroseness.

Hope banishing thoughts deranged,
Added celerity to her toes restrained.
The snowy lake still wishes to behold,
Charming springtide with fables untold.


“Who spoilt it? Admit it now, or else the entire class has to face the music.”, screamed the teacher pointing towards a scarred portrait of Monalisa.

“The hypocrisy of the Society.”, mumbled a back-bencher, hiding her face with a black cloth.


Bold and beautiful,
Serious and sober.
Unmindful of perilous snags,
Why do you wander hither and thither?

Glued to your mouth was a fairytale,
That mused on “Once upon a time”.
Why has “Never” nullified
Thoughts so sublime?

The love that seemed right,
Has taken flight.
And the love that feels right,
Is out of sight.

The twinkling gateways of the heart,
That used to see rainbows in Insanity,
Now read facts stubborn,
Boasting of Practicality.