Days were passing on the whim of upcoming days; sunrises had been befriended under compulsion and sunsets missed Sharanya as much as she craved to see them, she thought sitting on her chair, inside her cubicle. Working hours strictly depended on the work load which never used to go down, by any means, for which leaving office was not possible before nine at night. By the time Sharanya reached her nest, the busy streets of Madhapur would begin to drown themselves in a mysterious cacophony of a very few vehicles that used to be seen only at night along with some cars. Trails of dust laden smoke, jostling through the humdrum of city life often stopped by the hazy thoroughfares of Sharanya’s mind, painting them crimson before curling up and fading into the unknown.

Walking under the starry sky with memories urging an innocent smile to slip away from the curves of her lips was never Sharanya’s cup of tea, for she had never reflected over a known stranger so deeply. All this was happening for real and the reason was Shekhar. Sounds of laughter lost in the lanes going down to Teesta Spur(Jalpaiguri) blended well into the untold melodies of her mind, making her look at the stars with hopeful eyes. Even their stupid fights over nothing seemed to make her go red, not knowing that she was deviating from the right choices of her life; Shekhar was never meant to be a part of her future but now, when it came to choosing between the right and the wrong, his face shone brighter than usual.

“There would have been many problems had you been my girlfriend.”, Shekhar had murmured this once in Sharanya’s presence, teasingly, and now, these words reverberated often in her mind, leading her to wash away the black and white stains of reality and swim through a pool of grey to enter into a colourful arena where roses were cliched and fuchsias were adored(she loved fuchsias more than roses); Shekhar was a part of this world now.

This walk, taking her through a rollercoaster of hidden emotions, lasted for not more than ten minutes and yet it had become the best part of her escape from mediocrity. Just before getting inside she used to look back everyday, in the hope of seeing Shekhar, wearing his half rim glasses, flaunting his maroon shirt, looking at her in the same way as he used to, defying the barricades of time.

3 Replies to “Journey”

  1. Beautiful writing. It’s amazing how both of us chose same headings for our writings. The story I am presently writing regarding the migrants is titled ‘Journey ‘ 😊. You have an excellent flow of writing. Thanks for the follow. πŸ™

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