Tables are turning

The month of February ushered in the beginning of a brand new semester and beautiful weather in Jalpaiguri; one could just fall in love with nothing while walking on the streets and yet feel everything. They often say that all of it lies in your mind, but it is really hard to notice those fresh red roses stacked up in almost every shop that you come across and still not feel the butterflies in your belly. However, Sharanya’s mind was too troubled with Stephen-Boltzmann’s law to think about what was happening around her; understanding new concepts of Quantum Mechanics appealed to her more than talking to new people or getting to know them.

Raima (Sharanya’s room mate) was bored of seeing that same old Sharanya on the bed next to her; she thought that there was no variation in her life. Unlike complaining against this to the other girls, she thought of fixing this up, all by herself. Not that it was a problem; it was just Raima’s way of cheering up her room mate, who she thought of as a melancholic lady, having nothing to do other than solving sums. Raima’s charm was irresistible, something that came out of simplicity and went a long way in gathering suitors from different departments of their college. Sharanya, being a complete introvert, had come in touch with a few strange seniors who gave her books at the cost of intimidating advice, and well, nothing could scare her more than failing.

Many a new face had become a part of Raima’s friend circle; Sharanya knew some of them, and the others were stranger than strangers to her. Raima had been mentioning a new friend quite often in front of Sharanya, who had joined them on a boating trip. The matter was fine until Raima suggested that they start dating each other, and this seemed really irritating to Sharanya.
“Okay, so I have given your number to Gautam. He’ll be calling you in a couple of minutes. Be ready.”
“Why on earth did you give my number to a stranger? I have no time for this.” Sharanya’s eyes fixated on the power radiated by a black body, which is proportional to the fourth power of temperature.

Just as Raima had told, Sharanya’s phone started ringing; she looked at Raima with an apprehensive face, who was constantly signalling her to pick up the call with her teasing winks. Sharanya accepted the call and went to a vacant room adjoining theirs. Raima was interested in knowing what was happening as she could hear Sharanya singing occasionally. Sharanya came back after an hour almost; her eyes were shining, and it seemed as if she had to put in immense efforts to hide her smile.
“You were singing, weren’t you? I knew that you would like Gautam.”
“He, umm, well, he is really sweet.”, blushed Sharanya while casually flipping the pages of her physics book.

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